Visit a Rehearsal

The Entertainers invite you to come out and sing with us! We rehearse  Monday afternoon starting at 1:00 pm and finishing at 3:00pm. Exceptions are on statutory holidays when we may cancel that day.  We begin every rehearsal with vocal warm-ups, and then we practise songs in our repertoire. You can watch, listen or sing along, it's easy to have fun and we will take extra care to help you fit in! Invitations are not required, parking is free, and fellowship is plentiful. Send our Membership and Marketing team an email so that we can provide you with requirements and other details while we are still operating under Covid protocols.


Do I need singing experience?
No, not at all! Many of us had not sung in a chorus since school days. If you sing in the car or the shower; if you sing while walking, working or at church … then you should definitely enjoy your experiences with joining us for this eight-week program.

What do I bring with me?
Nothing, just you … er, and maybe a water bottle to keep your voice soothed.

What if I can’t commit to all eight weeks?
That’s ok – come sing for as many sessions as you are able.

Do I have to audition?
Nope ! You will be asked to sing a couple of bars – something like Happy Birthday - in a private room with one of our leaders, so that you can be placed in the section that best suits your voice style. (Tenor, Baritone, Lead, Bass).

Can I bring my friend / neighbour / relative ?
Of course !! The more the merrier.

Can I bring my teenage son?
Sure can! We welcome teens who love to sing.

I don’t know anyone and I’m a little shy.
Don’t worry, all newcomers are matched with a riser buddy, who makes sure that you are comfortable with what we are doing. You’ll feel welcomed, never left standing alone and your riser buddy will introduce you to others.

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