Musical Director

Ken Beard

  •   Ken Beard, our Chorus Director, offers a history of quartet and chorus accomplishments achieved through his Barbershop experiences over many decades. Ken also brings professional musical practices to our rehearsals acquired through many genres including choral ensembles, vocal coaching and theatrical work. He describes his journey as learning, applying and teaching musical, rehearsal and personal skills – anything that can enhance and improve the individual and choral experience.
      Ken studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music and applies those principles to allow The Entertainers to learn and grow in this wonderful arena of Barbershop.
      Ken is a firm believer that music should be fun, that rehearsals should be a joy even though learning and accomplishing requires hard, dedicated effort. In Barbershop, we get to share those experiences with time spent together as a team, making the journey as rewarding as the goal.
      Singing wonderful, inspiring songs can, and should have the most positive influence on your family and your life. That’s the fun of rehearsal and performances – make every moment the best you can. Ken makes a conscious effort to bring those elements to The Entertainers at every opportunity, and we certainly appreciate his every contribution.